Easy and efficient access to HSM as a service

AglieHSM is a subscription-based solution for generating, accessing, and protecting cryptographic key material, separately from sensitive data.

- Align with your security strategy and demands.
- Dedicated FIPS140-2 and eIDAS certified HSMs.
- Cloud-hosted HSM as a service.

Driving customers’ operational excellence

AgileHSM allows enterprises to budget for security more predictably, manage capacity based on demand, reduce their data center footprints and decrease the time spent on routine maintenance and monitoring tasks.

Key Benefits

  • Own your crypto resources
    Customers own their crypto resources and keys and may use these across their environment, whether as-a-service or a hybrid model.
  • On-demand control
    Only AgileHSM provides customers on-demand control to migrate and expand their secure code execution from an on-prem HSM to the cloud.
  • High Security standard
    AgileHSM delivers FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and eIDAS (EN 419 221-5 protection profile) certified security of keys, which is not available with some cloud key protection solutions.
  • Simplicity
    Customers can continue using the same business applications with AgileHSM and have the option to access enhanced HSM capacity to handle occasional workload spikes.
  • Ease of management
    AgileHSM can be used with multiple cloud service providers, in contrast to HSM services offered by individual providers who strive to lock customers into their cloud environments.
  • Full control of crypto keys
    AgileHSM offers customers a dedicated HSM service. Customers have full control of their cryptographic keys – dual control and full separation of duties.

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