Agilewing was founded in 2016. With headquarters Shenzhen China, we have branch offices around the globe, including China – Beijing, Guangzhou, Hong KongIndia – Jaipur, Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan – Taipei, and US – LA.

Agilewing is dedicated to developing innovative technologies to accelerate customers’ digital businesses and optimize their operational excellence. We protect our customers with our enterprise-grade security services and compliance consultancy, helping them achieve success in the digital world.

In today’s fast moving enterprise IT environment, “cloud first” is a common strategic aim of many organizations. With the shift to the cloud, organizations benefit from the scale, flexibility and resilience a cloud service provider can deliver while enjoying reduced maintenance burden and a more predictable monthly operational expense. This business shift results in tension when cloud applications rely on hardware security modules (HSMs), physical appliances that protect the cryptographic keys that act as the root of trust for an organization’s encrypted data.

With the increasing demands on enterprise security teams, finding skilled security professionals to administer HSMs is an ongoing challenge. AgileHSM (HSM as a Service) provides the same features and functionality as on-premises HSMs combined with the benefits of a cloud service deployment. This allows customers to fulfill their cloud first objectives and leave the management and maintenance of these appliances to the experts at Agilewing.

HSM as a service

AgileHSM (HSM as a Service) is a subscription-based solution for generating, accessing and protecting cryptographic key material, separately from sensitive data. The solution uses dedicated FIPS 140-2 and eIDAS (EN 419 221-5) certified HSMs. This cloud-hosted model gives organizations the option to either supplement or replace HSMs in their data centers while retaining the same benefits as owning the appliances.

AgileHSM allows enterprises to budget for security more predictably, manage capacity based on demand, reduce their data center footprints and decrease the time spent on routine maintenance and monitoring tasks. Subscribed customers interact with the cloud-based HSMs in the same way that they would with appliances in their own dark data centers, but have no need to receive, install and maintain physical hardware. This often results in a shorter time between initial procurement and use of the HSM and, therefore, faster deployment of secured applications.

Aligns with your security strategy and demands

AgileHSM is well-suited to align with any security strategy, whether an organization is adopting a cloud-first approach for its cryptographic functions, selectively migrating specific services to the cloud, or enhancing HSM capacity to handle occasional workload spikes.

Key Benefits

AgileHSM offers several key advantages over other options:

Customers own their crypto esources and keysand may use these across their environment, whether as-a-service or hybrid model.

Only AgileHSM provides customers on-demand control to migrate and expand their secure code execution from an on-prem HSM to the cloud.

AgileHSM offers customers a dedicated HSM service. Customers have full control of their cryptographic keys - dual control and full separation of duties.

Customers can continue using the same business applications with AgileHSM and have the option to access enhanced HSM capacity to handle occasional workload spikes.

AgileHSM can be used with multiple cloud service providers, in contrast to HSM services offered by individual providers who strive to lock customers into their cloud environments.

AgileHSM delivers FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and eIDAS (EN 419 221-5 protection profile) certified security of keys, which is not available with some cloud key protection solutions.

HSM deployment options and features

HSM is available as either a Self-managed or Fully-managed deployment, as detailed in diagram.

HSM (HSM as a Service) Deployment Options.


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