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Managed Security Services

Moving your business online is the fastest way to grow customers and revenue, yet, running an online business is more complicated than it sounds. JAB Cloud's MSSP program is designed to assist customers to fully manage the security components deployment and ensure the service is properly configured. The service will be maintained with the well-designed framework and monitored by JAB Cloud's security professional team. Our Managed Security Services (MSSP) provides rapid protection of your cloud environments against:

- Web application vulnerabilities
- DDoS attacks
- Botnet attacks

Our MSSP Practice

We provide a monitoring service that helps to identify security weaknesses and remediate the problems.

Our MSSP standard practice includes:

Security Operation
- Protect
- Monitor
- Alert
Incident Management
- Identify
- React
- Respond
- Post incident activities

Key Benefits

  • Effective Remediation
    When you engage us in management, we not only raise the alerts but also start working to remediate problems.
  • Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
    We perform RCA of the problem to prevent it from reoccurring. In addition to monitoring, alert management and SOP remediation, resolution of problems or issues are performed remotely.
  • Fast Identification of issues and transparency
    All incoming alerts and log files are reviewed to quickly pinpoint an issue, maintain communication with the customer on progress and remediate the problem.
  • Data Security Governance and Compliances:
    We provide advisory and assessments on multiple compliances (Countries/region or industries) e.g. DLP, PCI-DSS, GDPR, PDPA…etc

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