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As customers' business usage continues to grow, customers need to conduct detailed monitoring and analysis of their costs, and in order to give customers a clear picture of their usage on the cloud, JAB assists customers with CUR (cost and usage report) + QuickSight's cost analysis scenario.

Extract data from a customer's CUR and then present it via QuickSight.
In QuickSight, click on different sheets to understand the usage of the main services in your account.  

Architecture diagram

Architecture Description:

CUR: The AWS Cost and Usage Report (AWS CUR) contains extremely comprehensive and detailed cost and usage data.
S3: Used to store CUR data.
Glue & Athena: After Glue has cured the data ETL, it can use Athena for query.
QuickSight: Query results can be obtained from Athena and visualized via QuickSight Dashboard.


According to the customer's resource usage, it can help customers figure out how customers use them, for example, browse to the EC2 page to see more about the usage of the service, including the number of EC2 instances in the account and its distribution, and the breakdown and usage of EC2 fees.

Compare based on customer usage and provide an incremental view of their MoM (Month over Month, month-on-month growth). 


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