XTX. ("Connecting the world by innovative technology ") was founded in 2014, is a semiconductor chip design high-tech enterprise. The company passed the ISO 9001 quality management system certification in 2015, in 2017 it was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise. The same year they obtained a deep venture capital investment of around 60 million yuan. The company's product planning not only covers the mature storage technology route but also completes the future of the new memory multipoint layout. Currently, mass-produced products include SPI NOR Flash, NOR MCP, SPI NAND Flash, SD NAND Flash, NAND MCP, etc., mainly used in the Internet of Things, display and touch, communications, consumer electronics, industry, and other fields. Pain-point: Today's services are built-in native data centers, and service SLA can no longer be met as the business grows, and if data center failures can severely impact existing businesses, expect a disaster recovery solution.
The local data center regularly uploads the specified data to AWS and guarantees the integrity and availability of the data.

Architecture Diagram


JAB is a technology innovation company focused on AWS migration, operations, and development. The technical team is focused on the service capabilities development of AWS and is up to the task of testing this POC. Help customers complete testing deployments, and simulate the data center's network environment and system architecture, select appropriate test data, clarify file retention rules, write scripts for data uploads and check script details with households, and verify data integrity and consistency, and demonstrate test processes and results on-site.


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