Cloud Cost Optimization

Stop wasting money paying for more resources than you need. An optimized cloud gives you the exact resources you need — no more, no less — and frees up capital that can drive your company forward. OptimizeNow focuses on solving organization cloud cost management problems, which can help companies improve billing insights and reduce cloud usage and management costs.

Most common problems you may encounter when using cloud:

- Cloud costs are getting higher.
- Lack of visibility of your cloud costs.
- RI management issue.
- Difficult to split cost between department/products.

Optimize Your Cloud Spending

OptimizeNow is a cloud management tool officially certified by AWS; OptimizeNow is the first batch of cloud management tools certified by AWS CMT Competency in the world. With OptimizeNow, you can view your AWS spending in a dashboard. You can easily consolidate all the information with multiple AWS accounts in a single dashboard, which provides you quick access to view all your cloud expenses at a glance.

Products Features

OptimizeNow can trace for different departments. Through the console, you also are able to view all the cloud resources from the OptimizeNow dashboard. In a scenario where a company with a lot of resources, sometimes customers may miss out on some of the subscribed cloud resources. With AI Feature, OptimizeNow is smart enough to identify and notify customers of the resources that are idle. It will also provide you recommendations and suggestions on how to utilize those under-utilized resources. OptimizeNow also comes with label management. Customers will always remember to label the resources so that they identify all the resources at a single view.

  1. Key Benefits
  2. Cost analysis
  3. Cost Optimization
  4. Cost traceability
  5. RI Planner
  6. Resource management
  7. Label Management

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