Migration service

Migration service

The cloud migration services provided by JAB Cloud Technologies Co., Ltd. can help enterprises efficiently build secure cloud applications and quickly migrate data to cloud services.

Data is the cornerstone of successful application deployment, analysis workflow, and machine learning innovation. When migrating data to the cloud, enterprises need to understand factors such as the location of data movement for different use cases, the type of data movement, and the available network resources. Cloud vendors provide various services and partner tools to help enterprises migrate datasets, whether they are files, databases, system images, block volumes, or tape backups, safely and smoothly.

Cloud data migration services for cloud vendors

The data transfer service suite created by cloud vendors includes many methods that can help enterprises migrate data more effectively. These methods include

  • Online data transmission and hybrid cloud storageOnline data transmission and hybrid cloud storage

    Through these methods, it is easy to create network links to VPCs, transfer data to cloud vendors, or use S3 for hybrid cloud storage containing existing local applications. These services can help enterprises migrate large datasets at once and integrate existing processing processes (such as backup and recovery or continuous data flow) directly with cloud storage.

  • Migrate data to cloud vendors through offline meansMigrate data to cloud vendors through offline means

    Never underestimate the bandwidth of a semi trailer truck or 100TB portable device loaded with 100PB of hard drives. These offline data migration services use rugged devices suitable for transportation, making them very suitable for moving large archives, data lakes, or situations where bandwidth and data volume cannot be transmitted over the network within the required time range.

Unmanaged cloud data migration tool

Cloud vendors also provide simple scripts or CLI tools to facilitate enterprises moving data from sites to cloud storage of cloud vendors.

JAB Cloud Technologies Co., Ltd. is one of the partners with the most migration projects completed by cloud vendors in Asia. In the past few years, we have helped many customers successfully migrate data to the cloud, saving operational costs and significantly improving business agility, production efficiency, and operational resilience.


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