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JAB Technologies offers a broad range of cloud-based solutions including content delivery networks, backup, data encryption, and cost optimization. These products help organizations build their cloud infrastructure with scalable, secure, and affordable cloud offerings.

AgileBackup provides easy access to protect and manage backup data to the cloud, from any cloud and on-premise.


AgileCDN accelerates content delivery for your websites, mobile apps, e-commerce stores, videos, games, SaaS products, and APIs across all devices.


AglieHSM is a subscription-based solution for generating, accessing, and protecting cryptographic key material, separately from sensitive data.


OptimizeNow helps to optimize your cloud spend with right-sizing and right-buying.

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Our services aim to help organizations accelerate their cloud transformation journey and embrace the benefits of cloud computing with ease.

Managed Services

We leverage AWS Well-Architected framework as the design standard of cloud architecture; to help customers build a secure, high-performance, flexible, and efficient infrastructure.

Managed Security Services

We provide Managed Security Services (MSSP) with rapid protection of your cloud environment against web application vulnerabilities, DDoS, and Botnet attacks.


With years of migration experience, we provide customers with the best solution to simplify and accelerate the cloud migration process, helping customers to achieve operational excellence.

Cloud Support

Our support program is designed to give you the right combination of tools and expertise to enable you to optimize performance, manage risk, and control costs with AWS for success.


JAB Technologies is your trusted partner.


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