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We are dedicated to developing innovative technnologies to accelerate customers' digital businesses and optimize your operational excellence

Cost Optimization

We provide migration, MSP, and DevOps services to optimize customers’ cloud usage and operation cost. We have a wealth of experience in Oracle and SAP cloud migration, and have helped 50+ listed companies migrate their services to AWS cloud.

Information Security

We act as a global and trusted consultant for information security. We partner with leading international security brands and provide services to protect our customers’ information security – from data access control to data encryption and storage.


We are experienced with global compliance consultation and implementation, which includes India PDP, ASEAN PDPA, EU GDPR, US CCPA, and PCI.


AgileCDN solutions accelerates content delivery to your websites, mobile apps, e-commerce stores, videos, games, SaaS products, and APIs across all devices.


AgileHSM is a subscription-based solution for generating, accessing and protecting cryptographic key material, separately from sensitive data.


Managed security services (MSSP) provides rapid protection of your CDN against web applications vulnerabilities, DDoS, and botnet attacks.


We provide companies with overseas compliance consulting and use all-in-AWS as the best practice to assist customers in deploying AWS-based information security and data protection architecture.

Experience and Awards

JAB Technologies is an information security expert committed to protecting customers’ digital assets - from data access control and encryption to data storage. JAB Technologies is awarded as Entrust Best Service Partner of the Year 2021. We are a global AWS Consulting Partner. As a corporate group, we are dedicated to providing innovative cloud technologies to our customers and accelerating customers’ global business expansion.


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Entrust Best Service Partner of the Year


Cloud Certified Engineer

Safeguard Your Digital Data

We are your trusted global consultant for information security. We partner with global leading international security brands, provide customers solutions to protect customer’s digital data and assets.
Secure content delivery network though MSSP services, to identify security issues and provide effective remediation.


JAB Technologies is your trusted partner.


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